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The Village of Undu

Aina the Wise

The Hook:

In the Eastern lands of The People, there is a collection of villages centered on the village of Undu. There the villages are are far are relatively young, pushed out North along a smaller river, divergent from the Great River that The People usually call home.  

Undu has grown around a soulstone, the villagers there using it as their connection to the other villages across The People, as their center of protection. There are other small villages close to Undu, but Undu's soulstone is the anchor of the community. 

The leaves have yet to start falling, but the heat of the harsh months is over. There is still time before the first snow. At least, that's what everyone thought.

Until cattle in one of the satellite villages was found dead at sunrise, frozen through.

This is unnatural, this is unheard of. This requires help beyond the normal man…

The Biting Cold

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